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Wish You Were Here

Winner of the Minerva Rising Press Novella Contest 2017

Imagine Chinatown mashed up with Neuromancer. Imagine an alternate universe where Nathanael West wrote thrilling detective fiction. Actually, you don’t have to imagine these wonders—you can just read Wish You Were Here, a book that crackles with wit and the verve of prophecy.
Bryan Furuness, author of The Lost Episodes of Revie Bryson

“You can do a lot,” Eliza Tudor writes in this wise and thought-provoking novella, “at a constant 70 degrees.” And if a lot isn’t enough, ‘outsource’ the rest. In Tudor’s Silicon Valley, Barbara Pym meets The Matrix, and what results is a delicious portrait of a place where the perpetually young live in a world of wealth and corporate greed, blind to the pull of love, sacrifice, and mortality. Wish You Were Here raises important questions about the stories we tell ourselves and the nature of reality, questions that are timely and important.
Susan Neville, author of Invention of Flight and winner of the Flannery O’Connor Award for Short Fiction



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