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I’m a writer, editor, and teacher living on an island near Seattle.

I have an MA in English (2001) and an MFA in Creative Writing (2010) from Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana. I am a certified yoga and meditation instructor (Black Swan Yoga, Austin, Texas, 2017) and served in the United States Peace Corps (Kyrgyzstan, 2001) as a university TEFL instructor.

My novella, Wish You Were Here, won the 2017 Minerva Rising Press Prize and was published the same year. It is available for purchase at Minerva Rising.

I teach a variety of writing classes, ranging from literature-based workshops all the way to Embodied writing courses that utilize yoga and meditation techniques throughout the process. In addition to college, corporate, and studio classes, I like to teach in the community, particularly in schools, hospitals, libraries, retreats, and writing centers.

Mostly, I hang out with my family and our two cats. I like to read, hike, travel/plan travels, snack, garden, and obsess over vintage cars. I sold my 1973 Benz 280SEL (don’t ask), and am always on the lookout for the next not-too-rusted love of my life. I’ll let you call shotgun.